Question before use nativescript



I just discovered nativescript, i have already use some frameworks like titanium, react, cordova etc… for building mobile apps.
When i tested some demo from the nativescript playground i just noticed that when scroll a long view there is an “annoying” scrollbar on the right of the application, i feel like i use a webview :frowning:
on apps built with titanium i haven’t this scrollbar and i can scroll the content.

Someone could tell me if possible to remove this scroll ?

Thank you



Quick answer: add scrollBarIndicatorVisible=“false” to your ScrollView element.

Long answer:
NativeScript components such as ScrollView are very convenient because it already implements a lot of logic for you. If some features are needed but is not implemented yet, you can always implement it by yourself as easy as if you were developing in Android/iOS. You can easily access Native Elements by doing or scrollView.ios

For this example, you could have taken the ScrollView element, and do something like for Android. For iOS it would be something like
scrollView.ios.showsVerticalScrollIndicator = false