Question about upcoming 3.2 release and TabView at application root


It is announced on this roadmap page that in version 3.2, TabView will be available in the application root. This is a huge welcoming as a feature, but I haven’t seen it being discussed in the 3.2 milestone at GitHub.

So my question is, will this long awaited feature be available in the 3.2 release or not?

Thanks in advance!


Bumping this since I’m still wondering.


Is there any news about this topic, I also want to know about tabview’s future.


There has been a spike, I believe, but the feature will not be ready for the 3.2 release. A considerable amount of effort is put into the feature, and we need to make sure it works properly before releasing it.


That’s a bummer :frowning: I’m glad you’re putting a lot of effort into it though!


I’d like to know the exact release time of version 3.2


I am sorry, I’ll assume that you are asking when the 3.2 nativescript packages were uploaded.

The packages were published some time yesterday, and the announcement came out today.


I’m glad that you’re working so hard to get the TabView to function as it’s supposed to.
This is actually the only main issue that prevents us from converting a few apps from Swift/Objective-C to NativeScript. We already finished converting one app that doesn’t use a tab bar controller successfully (and pleasantly I might add) to NativeScript. However, most of our apps use a UITabBarController.


Still awaiting this feature (for NS+Angular) hopefully in 3.4! Currently have TabView at application root and it’s jarring for it to go away when we navigate to a different page.