Q: DataForm - "New" Entity



Hi everyone

I have a question regarding the ProUI DataForm.

I followed the documentation/get started example and it is working fine. I defined my fields directly in my template in my order and attached an object behind it.

But, now I would like to create a new entry/a new object. So, the members of the entity are empty/not set, e.g. name etc. If so, the fields are not displayed.

So, if I create

new Entity("Test entity")

the field

<TKEntityProperty tkDataFormProperty name="name" required="true" displayName="Test" index="1"></TKEntityProperty>

is displayed.

If I start of with an empty entity, the same field is not displayed at all.

Do I have to force/set something specific in that case?

Thanks a lot


Ok, tested myself and nulling the values works.

But having them uninitialized does not show any property. At least I have to set them to null for them to show.

Works for me for now.