Q: Android NavigationButton icon - Size too large?



Hi everyone

I have a NavigationButton

<NavigationButton *ngIf="!isIOS" icon="res://bars" (tap)="action()"></NavigationButton>

“bars” is a, of course, bars-icon, which ran through the nsimages converter and all images have been copied.

The thing is: It is there, but it is huge… I mean really just one of the three bars even shows. It is the same for other icons or images I converted.

Does the icon have to be sized explicitly for the title bar for different resolutions?

Thanks a lot


Try it like this:
<NavigationButton *ngIf="!isIOS" icon="res://bars" stretch="none" (tap)="action()"></NavigationButton>
maybe it will work :slight_smile:


Hey @marko89

Unfortunately, didn’t work :frowning:

But thanks a lot