Q: ActionBar with left, title and right actions



Hi everyone

I am trying to create an action bar with a centered title, and items left and right on both Android and iOS.

I search a little (copied a little ^^) but have the problem, that I am not seeing any action bar title on Android with something like e.g.:

<ActionBar [text]="title">
    <ActionItem ios.position="left" (tap)="showDrawer()" *ngIf="isIOS">
        <Label text="&#xf0c9;" class="fas"></Label>
    <Label horizontalAlignment="left" class="fas" text="&#xf0c9;" (tap)="showDrawer()" *ngIf="!isIOS"></Label>

I see the left component but no title. If I add an additional Label both are lost.

Do I have to apply e.g. a grid layout in the actionbar to align this, or are there other ways with action items, label etc.?

Thanks a lot

PS: I have no ActionItem on the right in my example above to shorten it, because uncommenting or not make no different in my current project.


Forget it… [title]… its f***n [title]. I don’t know when I copied or wrote that wrong… sorry about that. Probably got stuck on labels…

Damn it ^^#