Push notifications with my own API


Hi *,

I’ve implemented push plugin, and i can send push notifications using Pusher app.
But now i’m wondering, how to prepare my Api to send those ?
I’m searching for any info that will help me…

Is this possible to send push notifications using php?
I know that question is very general, but for now i have no starting point, so any tips will be appriciated.


I have the same question.


It’s absolutely possible to build your own server that communicates with apns and fcm. Once I did with PHP, for apns and gcm (old days). With my experience, it was so much things to manage - until you have enough time to build everything like Firebase Messaging Console - mange platform specific devices and it’s tokens, connect to different servers where apns works on socket and it’s your job to monitor disconnects and fcm accepts 100 or 1000 devices at one shot, loop through them - delete unused / invalid tokens … These are basics, there are lot more features comes built-in with Firebase.

You will find lot of php samples to send notification, just Google.