Push Notification Support In Android Oreo


Does anyone know if Nativescript supports push notifications on Android Oreo?

I’m using the “official” Nativescript Push Plugin. On all versions of Android prior to Oreo I’m able to receive background notifications. Once I began testing on a Nexus 5X running Oreo, The notification callback is only fired off when the application is in the foreground. I have verified that Token registration with GCM is working and that I’m retrieving the token on the device.

I’m using version 0.0.19 of the push-plugin since I’m not yet able to move over to FCM.

It seems Google made some changes to the how notifications are handled in the new OS based on info I found from this Stack Overflow post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43093260/notification-not-showing-in-android-8-oreo


I found that just setting the target SDK version explicitly to 25 allowed me to start receiving notifications. Luckily, this is fine in my case since I’m not trying to use any of the new APIs that are specific to Oreo.


I am testing my app on a Note 8 running Android 8.1 and the push notifications aren’t functioning properly. Can you help me fix it??


Unfortunately, at the time I had the issue my only fix was to change the SDK version my app targeted. Since I’m not using any features specific to Android Oreo this fix worked for me.