Pull to refresh is not working on android 5


Hi. I implemented pull-to-refresh by this article. It works fine in my android 6 phone. I send the app (by shareit) to another mobile with android 5. But pull to refresh doesn’t work on it.

Any idea?


this is using @bradwaynemartin 's plugin… Brad, ideas? Or do you prefer that he open an issue on the repo?



@jen.looper Yes, I think it’s better to open an issue there. Thanks.


Sounds good. Just a PSA - that dude (PointDeveloper) is a hack himself. He steals peoples articles and plagiarizes blatantly. Nic Raboy has been his biggest victim from what I’ve seen.

I’ll check the issue once you open it, just share the code and any errors thrown. Thanks.


Unfortunately It was not my phone, so I can’t replicate this. But tested in another android 5 and worked fine.


Understand. That’s never fun. It’s worked fine for me on all Android versions so no telling what’s the cause of the issue. If you hear anything else or get an error let me know