Publishing to ITunes Connect


Hello Everyone,

On July 3rd I submitted an ipa to Itunes connect using tns publish ios. The build showed up in the activity tab (as processing at first and then the processing indicator went away). It then showed up in test flight where I was able to download and test. Now it is 3 days later and nothing further has happened. It doesn’t show up in any of the other tabs to prepare the app for submission. I cannot find anything to indicate if this is normal behavior or not. Any ideas? Thank you.


Is there some config that was set to make it show up for TestFlight, but not as a production build? That’s really odd otherwise.


I found the contact form last night to contact apple.

Turns out I just needed to hit the plus on the app store tab. I saw that there and even clicked on it once but to me it wasn’t intuitive on what I needed to do and must have missed it in the docs. Anyway glad to have that resolved. Lesson learned. :smile: