Publishing on ios


I’m trying to archive product in xcode and getting this error:

project is building successfully but when archive I got this error.


SOLVED: in x code inside build settings pods root path was only set for debug,
I added pod directories also for release and thats it.


That’s interesting. I was using the same approach. But i saw issues, not sure for 100% but what i was having after this “hack” was:

When building with Xcode and real device / emularot all OK. (i was using google maps and some other plugins that rely on cocapods).

Whan i was using Hockeyapp to test the app, app was crashing whan navigated to page with google maps.

My fix was to build with tns publish --release when uploading to hockeyapp.
It was bg supprise whan i saw that app works well when installed via hockeyapp…

I’m very keen if you can reproduce this issue using hockeyapp too !