ProUI data form font-size can't be change


In the left top corner, I have a member id(會員編號) filed, when we use CSS style to change input font-sze or embed style, the input font-size can’t be change small or huge, we want to know how to fix the problem. Thanks :slight_smile:


You can’t do that through CSS as ProUI components are something completely developed in native code and interfaced in NativeScript at very high level. Only components those are inherited from NativeScript View hierarchy can respect your CSS.

If you want to change the label’s font size you can do it through PropertyEditorStyle. But I don’t think there are direct APIs that allows you to update font size of input elements, still you have 100% access to native objects so you can do something like this.

Above one is a simple example for how you can access native input element and update it’s font size. If you want it to be more productive, you may try updating the prototype chain of PropertyEditorStyle class to inject a common code that will update font style for all editors.


How to do this for picker type editor?, its crashing if I use this;