Problems with setup on Ubuntu




I’m trying to setup NativeScript and AVD on my local Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system. I was following the steps written at, and I’m a bit confused:

  • Step 5 suggests to install the SDK Tools Only version of Android SDK. Step 7 is about setting up Android Emulators (AVD). At and the page linked page there, I can only find hints to do this within Android Studio. So why only install SDK Tools Only before?

  • I don’t find the options for developer mode and USB debugging anywhere as described in step 7. Is it within the started emulated device, or outside in AVD Manager?

Except of this, the installation seems to work, but I don’t know if it’s right.

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Developer mode and USB debbuging are used when you connect to real phone device,
and then runing
tns run android
will install app on your phone and synchronize it…
But if you dont have phone,
you would need Android Studio and its emulator,
and you can run emulator by Tools/Manage AVDs/ and select emulator and click start…
or if everything is setuped OK,
when you run
tns run android
it will run emulator form Android Studio and install app on it.