Problem with TabView and AbsoluteLayout in Android


I have tried to make a popup. I tryed to do the following :
I put a TabView and ListPicker inside the AbsoluteLayout. In iOS that worked as expected. But in Android it looks like that my ListView got above the TabView, but under the TabView's content.
Here is the code :

<FlexboxLayout class="body" #body orintation="vertical">
  <header flexGrow="1"></header>
  <AbsoluteLayout #content height="100" flexGrow="2">
    <TabView selectedIndex="0" flexGrow="2" sdkExampleTitle sdkToggleNavButton>
        <FlexboxLayout class="tab" *tabItem="{title: 'money monitoring'}" orintation="vertical">
          <Button text="выберите инстанс" (tap)=(onInstanceTap())></Button>
          <Button text="выберите метрику"></Button>
          <Button text="выберите план"></Button>
          <Button text="выберите дату"></Button>
        <StackLayout class="tab" *tabItem="{title: 'performance monitoring'}">
          <ListPicker [items]="pokemons" selectedIndex="0" (selectedIndexChange)="selectedIndexChanged($event)" class="p-15"></ListPicker>
    <ListPicker width="150" height="500" backgroundColor="orange" [items]="pokemons" selectedIndex="0" (selectedIndexChange)="selectedIndexChanged($event)" class="p-15"></ListPicker>

Here is how it looks like :

Is that a bug or I did something wrong in XML?
What are the best practices of making a popup in NS + angularjs?

using angular + nativescript
tns v3.0.3