Problem with releasing an app


In Xcode is see this attached messages :

  1. Unable to find included file …/plugins-debug/xcconfig
  2. Shell Script error regarding podfile and manifest.lock.

i’ve tried to update ‘pod update’ in platforms/ios and also ‘tns prepare ios --release’

I see this error all the time, what can cause this ? Is error 1 important ?
If not, error 2 is riuning my build process. Thanks for help.


I’ve seen this occur mainly when releasing via Xcode.

tns platform remove ios

tns run ios

and then opening xcodeworkspace usually fixes this.

if that doesn’t work, simply try publishing via CLI,

just do tns publish ios --provision

it will show you a list of applicable provisioning profile, from that copy the string of desired
provisioning profile, and then do

tns publish ios --provision <string here>

it should ask you for apple developer account’s email id and password.

After that it should be smooth sailing for you.

Cheers! :smiley:


Thanks @multishiv19 but it’s not working.
But what i’ve discovered is:
When i use GENERIC DEVICE i see this issues (i cannot use Archive option, and i see those warnings).

If i switch to any simulator device, im able to do build, but then i have no Archive option.
So partially, im able to install app on device.

Does this make any sense to you ?


Yes, like I said, I faced the exact same problem that you are facing.
Despite a pod repo update, and generating pod.lock file, it just wouldn’t let me archive for generic device.
So I deployed via cli.
What error do you get when you deploy from cli?


Hi @multishiv19
Thanks for your efforts.
What i done was: i’ve removed project, added it again using prepare – release, next i’ve entered ios folder and i’ve run pod install, pod update. Next i saw that i’m able to do build.
But, another day i’ve started this project in XCode, and i saw this error again… Not sure why, as i did not do nothing… I will try to remove, add project again, pod update and tell you what is the result.


hi @Konrad you should open ‘yourprojectname.xcworkspace’ file instead of ‘yourproject.xcodeproj’ file. Then re-build it and it should work fine.


I had this . problem all the time - with generic device, and now wth real one that was working previously.
I saw that in XCode in build settings those (paths for debug) was empty, so i’ve coded paths from release fields.