Problem with nested ScrollView


Hello everyone!

Three days ago I have started my new Android application development, but I got a problem.

I had to make page scrolls vertically and inside it, scrollable stacklayout, also vertical orientation.

The problem is that inside (child) Scroll View does not scrolling. How can I solve this problem?


Nested scroll views are really a bad idea, you must rethink of UI. If you can brief why you need it, possibly we can find an alternative.


I want to make the whole page scrolling vertically. In one of my layouts, I would have big Label data and I want to make it also scrollable.

I have uploaded two images below.

In the first one, I am describing the component with two colors. Red one is page scroll view, yellow one is stacklayout scroll view (where are placed labels).

In the second one, I am describing scroll views on the display, but yellow ones is not working.

Image 1:
Image 2:

How can I do it alternatively? Thanks for your interest!


First thing, I would not suggest this design in a mobile app. If possible try to follow a different design pattern, having multiple tabs or pagers / carousel, let each one have it’s own vertical scroll.

If you can’t avoid this design, then try implementing NestedScrollView. You may just extend the NativeScript’s View / ScrollView component to create NestedScrollView


Okay, thank you a lot!

I will try to fix the app design. I have no design ideas and that is bad for me. :frowning:


I appreciate your decision about fixing the app design. But just in case if you need nested scrolling in Android here you go.

Note: This is a quick start to give you a idea, still improvements may be required.

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