Problem with actionbar while implementing sidedrawer in ios.!


Hi Al,
while I am applying background color for actionbar it is applying for status bar of the iphone also. I don’t want to open my sidedrawer from top of the page instead it should open after some space from the top(toggle from the left) so I have created a custom header and including it in the actionbar of the page it is working as I am expected but the background color applying for status bar also.

Is there any solution for my problem ??



hey @multishiv19
Have any idea about this ??

(sorry for mention but I got struck here, and need to move forward quickly)


I was reading your description when you mentioned me. lol


I think you would want to implement a custom sidedrawer for this. RadSideDrawer won’t fit your need here.
you want it to open from under the actionbar right?


yes, I can implement radsidedrawer by giving marginTop.
will that be okay ? because I am working on a universal application. so


Give it a try. Let me know if that works


It worked. but the problem is let say I have my menu icon on top left and the SD should come from the left so when I click on the menu icon the SD will come then again if I click on the menu icon to collapse the SD it is not working because the SD layer is gaining the priority over the menu icon so the tap is not working when the SD is on.

SD-side drawer :slight_smile:


yes and as far as I know, that priority is baked into the plugin.
when you click outside the SD it does close right?


yes, thats working.
and how to catch that event(when we click outside of the page, or swipe to close the drawer) because I have to change the menu icon to close icon when it is opened and vice versa when closed(no matter how the user closed the drawer).


this will help you


thanks a lot :slight_smile: .
I will implement and get back here


sure thing! enjoy :slight_smile:


am I banned from creating a new topic in this forum :smile: ?? because I am not getting new topic button.


New topic button is in bottom right. Let me change that

Update. Now it is back where it was.

If you want material theme then change it from hamburger icon


It’s working :slight_smile: