Popup menu in iOS ActionBar

  <ActionBar title="File" class="hs-action-bar">
         <ActionItem (tap)="onDelete()" ios.systemIcon="16" ios.position="right"  text="Delete" android.position="popup"</ActionItem>
         <ActionItem (tap)="onSave()" ios.systemIcon="16" ios.position="right"  text="Save" android.position="popup"</ActionItem>

The above code produces a popup menu on Android, but on iOS “Delete” and “Save” buttons getting placed next to each other in the ActionBar.

Is it possible to have an popup menu on iOS?


You can use one of next solutions:

  1. Drop-down plugin https://www.npmjs.com/package/nativescript-drop-down But it’s very specific solution
  2. You can use this plugin http://docs.telerik.com/devtools/nativescript-ui/Controls/NativeScript/SideDrawer/overview and create another menu in your app

You can’t do it with native methods as i know