Plugin for Google Login and Facebook Login



I am looking for a facebook and google login plugin that works on android and ios.

I found this:

but the documentation says it doesn’t work on iOS.

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hi, I have been using the Firebase plugin extensively. It has the social logins you require, but maybe you don’t want to do an entire Firebase integration?

I have used a different Facebook login plugin in the past, it’s the one by Antonio Curravo (sp?) - you can see the integration here, and it works, or was working, cross platform:


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I saw the Firebase plugin and thought about using that. It does look like a great way to handle it. I will review the code provided. One nice thing about the Firebase plugin is it should be updated on an ongoing basis.


It’s one of the best maintained plugins for sure, Eddy is tops :slight_smile:


Version 1.5.1 is out now with support for iOS and Android.


@mkloubert, thank you for the follow up. I will give it a try soon, just about ready to handle this part of my app.