Pinch zoom in a list view



Hi. I have implemented pinch zoom for an element (and image in it) by this repository in nativescript-angular. But when I use it in a ListView, ss there is no enough space in a ListView , I can’t zoom the image as much as before. Any idea?


Usually such features will not be given inside ListView. May I know why you want it inside list view, mostly it happens in a detail view after clicking on it.


Hi @manojdcoder
I want to implement a zoom feature like instagram in feeds. You see images in list view and can pinch to zoom as much as you want.


Those are not just list view, it’s a detail page when you click on a photo. It’s animated in such a way that you feel it’s happening within the page - if I’m not wrong the concept is called shared elements in Android.


But there is an implementation in react-native that doesn’t use shared element. It just make the photo draggable. See here for more detail.


I talked about a different list in Instagram Android app. But still looking at the example you shared, it also doesn’t directly allow pinch / zoom on the image in the list view but instead it uses a wrapper view that is shown only when user starts pitching with the image loaded.


So, is there any solution for Nativescript?


You can of course use the same logic with NativeScript List and pinch zoom events. But I don’t think there is a one stop example I can refer you to.


Not necessarily need a step by step example. Just want to know about concept.