PieChart slices color


Hi I’m trying out the Pie Chart of Nativescript UI and I’m trying to change the slices colors, according to the documentation its should work like this

<RadPieChart height="300" allowAnimation="true" row="1">
   <DonutSeries seriesName="pie" tkPieSeries selectionMode="None" outerRadiusFactor="0.9" expandRadius="0.25" innerRadiusFactor="0.85"
    [items]="pieSource" valueProperty="data" legendLabel="name"></DonutSeries>
    <RadLegendView tkPieLegend position="Bottom" offsetOrigin="BottomLeft" width="110"></RadLegendView>

      <Palette tkPiePalette seriesName="pie">
          <PaletteEntry tkPiePaletteEntry fillColor="#ffff00" strokeColor="#000000"></PaletteEntry>
           <PaletteEntry tkPiePaletteEntry fillColor="#cc3399" strokeColor="#000000"></PaletteEntry>
            <PaletteEntry tkPiePaletteEntry fillColor="#ff6600" strokeColor="#000000"></PaletteEntry>

any idea what could be wrong? thanks in advance


hi, for this paid control, have you tried opening an issue on the Telerik forums?


No I haven’t. I will try posting there, thanks


Hi Magar91,

Were you able to sort this issue out?. Or is it still not working as expected ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Yes I found the solution, it was because of the app Builder’s companion app, I was using it to test the application and it didn’t recognized the changes of the colors. But when using a real device there were no issues


I tried setting up the slices color in the pei chart on playground but couldnt manage to get the colors reflected on my device as well. Can someone please help?