Performance nativescript/angular


Same as @jeffswitzer

The nativescript team is really doing great, and I truly appreciate all the efforts and accomplishments, but it has to get to a point where it will be reasonable for me to actually release an app which will work smooth and professional. I’m referring to NS + NG, mainly on Android, and mainly regarding the sudden lags and jumps on page navigation. This is much more urgent than going to new exciting paths (@Vue etc)



I’d like to point out that NativeScript Vue is a community-driven project, and does not take away from our time spent on improving the core cross-platform modules and runtimes’ performance. Due to the complexity of the problem, there is no silver bullet-solution, so we need to evaluate every one of our options very deliberately.


Any news for this issue? or for 3.2 version (does this version fix the GC issue) ?


V3.2 is out:

The "markingMode": "none" seem to finally fix the navigation lags! At the moment with no apparent side effects.
Workers seem to work well with Webpack too!


I also just installed 3.2 and set “markingMode”: “none”. It seems to be helping tremendously! Will have to do more testing but great work team. Who fixed this?! I want to buy them a beer.


Hi Guys,

How do I know if the markingMode approach is working? Is there any log during the build/run?

Maybe someone could provide a helloworld project with those performance tips to let us test.



Hi @smarza, I’m not sure how to verify it, but just in case: this is how you do it and you can install this app from Google Play to check it in a real app.


Hi @Eddy,

Amazing repo! It will be very useful as a good code reference to me.

Thanks a lot.