PDF.js Or Similarly Functioning Implementation


Has anybody implemented any kind of document viewer in their TNS app? I feel like I have to be missing something obvious. Essentially, I just need the means to dynamically view PDFs contained locally within my app, and provide the ability to search them.

I’ve tried the nativescript-pdf-view plugin and was unable to get it to work properly; and I don’t think it provides search functionality anyhow.

I had hoped to perhaps use the cordova-document-viewer plugin after that using the experimental plugin for TNS that allows you to implement cordova plugins in your TNS app. Bust.

I’ve sense moved on to trying to implement the PDF.js library from Mozilla in an interactive webview, which is also not going terribly well.

TL;DR: Is anyone successfully implementing offline-capable PDF viewing/searching functionality and would you be willing to share how?


Use this plugin to open PDF or any file with appropriate application.

On iOS, the WebView itself is capable of loading most file formats including PDF. There is also pspdfkit

Refer market place to know all available plugins.


Thank you. This is a helpful start. I would like to leave this open in case anyone has other ideas.