Pagination with horizontal swipe in nativescript


I want to do pagination in nativescript using ts and html and with horizontal swipe.
I want something like paging library in android.

i have checked nativescript-carousel and nativescript-pager plugins but it was developed for js and xml.

Please let me know how to achieve this pagination with or without any plugins.



NativeScript is all about XML / JS / CSS at the end. Even when you use Angular, you write the similar XML code inside the html files. So you should be able to use nativescript-pager The author has explained well about how it could be integrated in Angular apps.


Thanks for the help.

I have implemented the pager into my code but i am not getting callback when i swipe between pages. Below is my code,

// ts
onIndexChanged(event) {
console.log("current index= " + event.newIndex);

// html
<Pager column=“1” [items]=“items | async” #pager
[selectedIndex]=“currentPagerIndex” (selectedIndexChanged)=“onIndexChanged($event)” backgroundColor=“red”>

<Label [text]=“item” horizontalAlignment=“center” >

Thanks in advance


Did you get any solution for this? Exactly I am stuck in that scenario. Can you help me on this?