Over-the-air/hot code updates


Hi all, is there a plugin I can use to install updates to users directly instead of via the app stores each time? I know CodePush used to do it but as far as I know you can only use if via Azure right now and I’m looking for something simpler. Is there something I can use that anyone is aware of? I’d like to ‘publish’ new features to my users as and when I dev them, and not have to build a ton of them and do a big release to app stores each time.


As of now no and it can’t be just writing a plugin. Its a service or entire infrastructure which involves back-end support too. I don’t think there is even an alternative for CodePush in market now, you are on your own.

If you have the time and budget to build such infrastructure, you might refer Eddy’s work on the nativescript code push plugin which might help you to understand almost everything about hot updates from nativescript / client side prespective.


The only thing I’ve found slightly similar to CodePush is Firebase Remote Config, which is supported in Eddy’s plugin. Maybe try that?


Thing is, the guys from React Native’s Expo platform got it right. If I enjoyed using React Native (which I REALLY don’t) I would make the switch. It’s such a key and powerful feature! I love Nativescript though adn would like to keep using it. Hope someone builds it soon-ish.


Will check it out, thanks. Can you link me to it?



Thanks a ton. Will check it out now!


Doesn’t really help unfortunately. I can’t publish new code to the app over the air…


If you don’t mind paying for it have a look at https://nativescript.tools/product/19 although all I know about this thing is that it exists. Maybe @NathanaelA can tell you a little bit more about it here.


@hettiger Thanks. I really don’t mind paying for it, but there’s no indication on that page that the products is at all still being maintained or is even valid anymore. It’s a terrible-looking website so I have no idea if it’s still really active.

@NathanealA can you please advise. As mentioned, I will happily pay for it but need to know if all instructions, sample code and after-sales support is included.


I have the same “mixed feelings” about the product presentation but afaik @NathanaelA has a excellent reputation in the community. Let’s see what he’s got to say about his product… :slight_smile:


Absolutely @hettiger, I see his name far and wide in my Nativescript research, so hoping he responds and provides some great inputs. I’m happy to pay the costs, just need all the relevant details first :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’m glad you put my name directly into the message; so I got an email on this… I never have time to read the forums now. :wink:

  • Any plugin that is actually being sold is definitely maintained; in fact I’m right now working on upgrading SignalR for the new ASP Core signalr support; since it has been revamped… :smiley:

  • Web site; 100% agree; that was originally meant to be a temporary web site that I just tossed up very quickly. LOL, so much for temporary, it has been up for ever. Eventually I’ll have that wonderful mythical “spare” time and the store/checkout experience will be much better. But I have to concede this is a very low priority project – it works and right now works is better than nothing. :smiley:

  • NativeScript Updater project - Long story short; Android version is fully done, iOS version still needs a bit more work (actually works great, just want to make sure it is as bulletproof as Android). It is being used in a community project that should have been released many months ago; but some priority work issues basically put many community things I was doing on hold for many months.

Basically in this example the SERVER side of the component is lying to the client; the Client tells the server it is the “Red” version, do you have an update. And the server say; why yes; Blue is the latest version; here is where you can find it. Then the client asks the server is “Blue” the latest version and it says, nope I have an update for you; here is where you can find Red. :wink:



Now, I haven’t actually released the plugin formally; because I want to make sure this plugin is like 100% bulletproof. Android works awesome, and I feel it is fully release ready. iOS; I haven’t actually had the “spare” time to put it through all the paces also – so until I can find some more of that “mystical” spare time to spend on it and verify everything on iOS it has remained a internal project only… The good news is that the work project that was keeping me so busy for the last 9 or so months has been finally wrapped up and so making sure this plugin is finished is a very high priority on my plate (existing paid plugins have the top priority; because people have already paid me for them…)…

Please feel free to ask me any questions… (But make sure you ping me in the message; otherwise I might not see it).

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Hey @NathanaelA, thanks for the speedy feedback.

Regarding “spare” time and temporary site: You know there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary solution, right? :stuck_out_tongue: I myself have many projects standing still because new priorities come up and the projects technically do what they’re meant to. LOL

Regarding the plugin: I’d prefer then to wait until when iOS is also bullet-proof as I don’t want to use something that breaks on one platform, and I refuse to release one platform more advanced than the other. I believe in the strength of Nativescript using one code-base for both platforms and releasing both versions equally good. PLEASE let me know once you have the iOS version ready too so I can buy it from you. Will happily invest if it allows me to build my apps the way I need.

Do you know of any other petential way I could pull this off right now? I’m in dire need of avoiding app stores for releasing updates as my users aren’t the most tech savvy and only update apps when they have data bundels or wifi, and I don’t want to support multiple versions of my app.


@NathanaelA Please also let me know when the iOS part is ready. I’m really looking forward to this.


@delanick - Nick, sorry there is no easy way to do it reliably at this point. I’ve actually ended up rewritting the updater plugin now twice because of some issues on the iOS platform. I had made some assumptions and they worked great on the emulators; but on real devices with real apps; it totally failed…

And I’m 100% with you on releasing plugins complete on both platforms at the same time. I try never to release any half completed plugins because it just causes issues in the future for people looking for “x” functionality. Hence the reason I haven’t bothered put the android plugin for sale as Android only so far, I know I could get some decent sales; but I full projects are way better for the community.

@hettiger - Martin,

Trust me when I get it done, I will be announcing it everywhere. I have a stack of people interested in it. :smiley:

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@NathanaelA - I appreciate your straight forwardness. PLEASE let us know when it’s ready - will pay good money for that plugin! :smiley:


Hey @NathanaelA, any update on this yet? Super desperate for this solution!