Option to colorize errors in CMD?


I’m using tns run android in cmd (windows).

this is a sample of error :


  1. There is an error in this log. is there any util/switch that allows errors to be colored in red ?
    when the log is long - it’s hard to track the errors.

  2. is there any option that clears the screen ( cls) on each file change ?


You need to add ACCESS_NETWORK_STATUS permission to AndroidManifest.xml as your app seems to require it.
The simple way to add/remove permissions is through NativeScript Sidekick

and for better errors and debuting, give VSCode a try. Take a look here https://www.nativescript.org/nativescript-for-visual-studio-code


Did you read my question :slight_smile: ???


yes thats why I said give VScode with nativescript extension a try, It gives you better error handling


@ganas I’m using webstorm .


Sorry I haven’t used webstorm, but I know some developers in here use it.

For VScode, it provides the option to run, debug, and add breakpoints directly from within VSCode, so you don’t need to use cmd.

I assume you would get better answer here for webstorm https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8588-nativescript