Open Webservices for testes like Everlite


In the Groceries example, which is introduced as a first step with NativeScript, the service is used as a webservices option.

I have seen in some articles that the company Telerik offers a basis for developing free, I am wanting to try the services in the medium term, ie between 6 months to a year of tests with low demand.

How can I use this service in these conditions, how should I proceed to have access since the domain is not accessible via the web?


hi, Telerik Backend Services (Everlive) is provided as a free trial; there is no free tier like on other services. More info can be found here: If you are looking for this type of permanent free tier, I think you should look elsewhere (Firebase might be a good option).


Hi, Jen.

I can not compromise on time with the acquisition of the services of Telerik, but I am certainly advocating in favor of contracting by the company.

For now, I just need a standardized solution for authentication, storage and post-processing of the data collected by our application via Mobile.

We are still in the conceptualization and planning phase, but within an Agil model, we are already codifying some screens and background services, such as authentication and user registration of the system.

So I wanted to have something in the mid-term running for testing, at the lowest cost. I am considering the use of Openshift, but if we can do all the tests in one place would be a good point to defend the hiring.