On iOS: Service exited due to Segmentation fault: 11


Hi there,

I’m using nativescript-angular 3.1.2. Everything works good for me on Android but when I try to run it on iOS I get the “Service exited due to Segmentation fault: 11” error.

I’ve managed to narrow the problem down to these lines:

    <Span text="&#xf004;" class="icon"></Span>
    <Span text="  Yay"></Span>

This happens only when the two Spans have different fonts defined to them.
Is this a bug? If so, any fix time estimation? Is there a workaround?



@Pete.K any idea on this one?


Kinda hacky workaround, but I usually do something like this to get two different fonts in a “button”:

<StackLayout class="button-stack" (tap)="someClickFunction()">
  <Label text="{{somefontIcon}}"class="icon"></Label>
  <Label text="Click Me" class="button-text"></Label>