numericKeyboard plugin with nativescript-textinputlayout plugin


I want to use nativescript-textinputlayout plugin with numeric keyboard plugin, I mean, show numeric keyboard for textinputlayout, any ideas?


I haven’t personally used that plugin, but looking at the plugin code you may directly set keyboardType property in iOS, in Android you are going to pass in your TextField on which you may set the keyboardType property.


there is no numeric keyboard in nativescript keyboard types, there is number and phone, number have numbers and symbols like .,()/ and more which I dont want to show to user, and phone have only numbers and not the dot ‘.’
so I need numeric keyboard which have numbers and ‘.’ only.

like this


The native iOS / Android itself doesn’t offer easy customization of keyboard. NativeScript already defines enums like email, url etc., which are most common types supported in both platforms.

iOS has few additional keyboard types those which are not supported in Android. Yet you can directly set the native type in the keyboardType property. Try setting it to 4 which is constant value for numberPad type.


keyboardType=“4” ? it says:

Invalid value: 4


I don’t have access to a iOS device right now, I will try to test it and update you.


I’m not sure why ‘4’ throws error, something to dig in builder module, but a quick workaround could be setting keyboardType property in your view model and bind it in xml.


yes it works, thank you, but there is no ‘.’


Try ‘8’ which is decimal pad.