Ntivescript drop-down, how to get value


Sorry, but i cannot find answer for simple (i think) thing.

getting index is simple, it’s just a matter of doing:

var buddyNumber = page.getViewById('buddyNumber');
var cleanSeatNumber = seatNumber.selectedIndex;

But i have array of numbers :1,2,3,7,8
And of course n this case i’m unable to get value “7” as selectedIndex will be 3 for this.
Does anybody know how to get this info, maybe using some plugin’s events?

Thank you.


To clarify, i’m asking beacuse maybe i’ve missed something in docs, as i can find in array by index anyway, but is there a build function ?


Why don’t you just access the array and get the value at selectedIndex?


From you reply seems like there is no build in function to do this, and array index is only solution.
Thank you.