NS with angular 4 seed project + AOT?


Searching for a NS seed project (+ all the good features like webpack and AOT etc) But with ANGULAR-4(!).

Currently there is this :plugin/project


But I’m looking for an NG4 starter kit.

Sure I can start the groceries project but it doesn’t contain AOT nor webpack

And so I ask - since NS should give a fight to RN - is there any professional ng4 +aot+ webpack seed project ?


Adding webpack to a project is as simple as installing the dev dependency. The post install script that is a part of that plugin, will create the necessary config for your project.

Why should NativeScript “give a fight” to React Native? These frameworks satisfy different needs. React Native allows developers to pair their native code along with their own custom implementations in React. NativeScript allows you to create completely native applications without writing native code. In the event you need to access native APIs in NativeScript, you can easily access them without writing Swift/Obj-C or Java.

The stock tns create myApp --ng comes shipped with Angular 4+. The @next tag of nativescript-angular includes v5 support.


Following up on Sean’s comment, https://github.com/TeamMaestro/angular-native-seed - In case you would like to try a different code-sharing seed. The other pieces you need I believe you have to add yourself. There’s a good article on methods here: https://www.nativescript.org/blog/code-sharing-between-web-and-mobile-with-angular-and-nativescript