NS textfield keyboard show then hides


Hello Guys Im facing problem with android keyboard…
So I have a listview with list items but when I open Last Item in list that is at the bottom of the screen it just opens androidkeyboard and then hides it.

    <StackLayout row="1" col="0">
                <lv:RadListView id="listView"
                                items="{{ contacts }}"
                                itemTap="showEditContact" >
                        <StackLayout class="ab_tp_item gray_red_border">
                            <GridLayout  class="card-layout black" >
                                <Label col="0" class="contact-name" textWrap="true" text="{{ name }}" />
                            <StackLayout  id="contact_edit_form" class="collapsed form">
                                <TextField  text="{{ $parents['RadListView'].androidContactName }}" />


Solved it, just changed main container from StackLayout to GridLayout :slight_smile: