Npm run build-android-bundle not always picking up new code changes


When running npm run build-android-bundle and then copying the new apk over to my device, it doesn’t always pick up my most recent code changes. Like it’s caching old files or something.

Here are the steps I tried:

  1. added some “loading…” text to one of my html templates
  2. ran npm run build-android-bundle and then
  3. completely removed the old app and apk file from my android device
  4. transfered the new apk over via usb
  5. installed and the text changes don’t show up

Even running tns build android followed by npm run build-android-bundle the apk still wasn’t picking up the changes. It only seemed to pick up the changes after doing tns run android at which point I see the changes and then if I uninstall the app, do npm run build-android-bundle and then copy over the new apk and install I see the changes.

Anyone else experienced something like this?