Not able to build in real iOS device



I am trying to build my app in an iOS device, but i am continuously getting the below error,

It is building the app but once it get installed it getting disconnected from terminal and getting the error.

Unable to apply changes on device: xxxxxxxxxxxx. Error is: InstallationLookupFailed.

and also i am getting the error like

Unable to apply changes on device: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Error is: Could not start service
for this every time i have to restart my device.

I am using iPhone 7 with iOS 11.1 and i am using my own free apple developer account.

i can able to run the same app through Xcode.

Please help me fixing this issue?


Since you can run in an emulator but not on device, it makes me wonder if there’s something off with your provisioning profiles. But the error messages don’t say anything to that effect. Have you googled that weird error?


@jen.looper I tried it but i didn’t get any solution.

Now i can able to install the app with one of the paid developer account.