ngFor inside RadListview fail to update on value change


             <RadListView class="container" [items]="collections"
                         itemInsertAnimation="Fade" itemDeleteAnimation="Fade"
                         pullToRefresh="true" (pullToRefreshInitiated)="onPullToRefreshInitiated($event)"
                         loadOnDemandMode="Manual" (loadMoreDataRequested)="onLoadMoreItemsRequested($event)">
                <StackLayout height="60" backgroundColor="green"><Label text="texting"></Label></StackLayout>

                <ng-template tkListItemTemplate let-item="item">

                        <Label [text]="item.Title"></Label>
                        <FrescoDrawee *ngFor="let collection of item.Collections" width="28" height="28"
                              class="story-collection" [imageUri]="collection.CoverThumbnailURL" roundAsCircle="true"> 


I have above template.

If I update collections[0].Collections from 2 items to 3 items, RadListView will not change view to 3 images accordingly. If I update collections[0].Collections from 2 items to 1 items, RadListView will remain 2 images as well.

But if I change collections[0].Title, label will indeed update view to desired text.

I just wondering is there any limitation in list view update and how should I work around?



ListView templates must be static, the purpose of ListView is only to recycle views to reduce memory usage and improve performance.