Newbie questions


Hi to all,
i’m really new to nativescript and I have some (basic) questions:

  1. i don’t feel comfortable with typescript or Angular, would be possible to build a native app by using plain javascript ?
  2. is the “vanilla javascript” version of nativescript, supporting all features coming with the angular version ? The grocery sample on github seems to be dismissed for vanilla javascript
  3. I have to create a very simple native app that does only 3 things: background geolocation (continously pushing updates to a webserver, even if the app in running in background), push notifications and JSON communication with a remote api (build by us). Are these possible with vanilla javascript?

I feel Angular/TypeScript too over-bloated, the needs for components and so on is absolutely overkill for us.

Any advice ?

EDIT: I forgot: i’m trying a simple app (made with NS&Angular) but I’m unable to show a remote image inside a list-view. I’ve placed the image tag (") but the image is not showing up.


Angular/TypeScript only dictate the style which you’ll be using to create an application, it all transcribes down to a form of JavaScript, and naturally TypeScript == JavaScript, while Angular uses additional abstractions on top of JavaScript.

You might want to start off by doing the NativeScript tutorial, or following some online guides/tutorials to get a bit more familiar with the technology.


Thank you for the prompt response

And what about my issue with a simple image?
I’ve struggled with issue fir more than 1 hour with no success, there is no way to show a remote image


Show us a sample code so that we may better understand your problem. If the device is connected to the internet, and the url to the image is correct, then you should be able to display the image. Of course I am also assuming that you are using the Image View API properly.