New Install Sidekick finds wrong Cocoapod version


I have a new install of NativeScript and Sidekick. I created a new app through Sidekick and tried to build locally and run on the iOS simulator. If fails with the error:

Error: You are using CocoaPods version 0.35.0 which does not support Xcode 9.2 yet.

from the command line, however:

pod --version

and running tns run ios at the command line works correctly as expected (changes in the source editor update in real time in the simulator - very cool!). This feels like a path problem, but I have no idea where this rogue older version of cocoapods could be lurking. Anyone have an idea where to look for this? Thanks!!


You might want to try listing all installed CocoaPods:

gem list --local | grep cocoapods

…then gem uninstall what you don’t want and maybe gem install cocoapods to get the latest?


Hi Rob - Thank you for your reply.

That wasn’t exactly the answer but it put me on the right path. The issue was that I had Ruby Version Manager (rvm) installed and Sidekick seemed to be pulling the pod command from within that version’s gems. I just used find / -name pod to find all cocoapods everywhere on my disk, then removed them from the .rvm subtree manually. I restarted Sidekick and it’s now working as expected.

I am really excited about using Vue to make real apps - thanks to all of you for making this possible!