New install Has Wrong javac version


I am trying to get Nativescript working on a Mac running High Sierra. I have a set of tools installed that work correctly with React Native - I am trying to get Nativescript going so I can use Vue.js (as that is what I use on the web).

I have installed Sidekick, created a new app, and tried to do a local build and run it (on a Genymotion simulator). It does not run and Sidekick generates the error:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Could not determine java version from '9.0.1'.

If I try to run from the command line with tns run android I get:

Javac version 9.0.1 is not supported. You have to install version 1.8.0.

I follow the link in the docs to the Java install page and it now refers to 9.0.4 (which is also not 1.8.0). Can someone please suggest how to get past this? Thanks!


The support for Java 9 is under development and is planned for the upcoming releases.
You need to uninstall your existing java version and install java8.
From here:


Hi Kalpesh - thank you for your advice.

I had Java 8 already on my machine so I just flipped the JAVA_HOME reference and it seems to be working correctly. Thank you for your help.