New Google Play App Signing Workflow


There’s a new workflow for android app signing called Google Play App Signing.

You can find more information about it on:

Is this new workflow compatible with NativeScript?
Can someone point me to a tutorial or something?
Unfortunately I could not find anything that is specifically for Google Play App Signing.

The docs just show how it has to be done using the old workflow.


If I understand correctly, the procedure should not be too different, you just replace your local keystore file with the keystore that you get back from the Play Console. Is there anything else to it that I am missing?


Good point Peter. The docs make no difference when it comes to generating an app signing or upload key. Therefore I think you’re right but I’m not entirely sure. Once you enable Google Play App Signing for an app there’s no way back. That’s why I have not tried it yet.

Maybe I should create a dummy application just for the purpose of testing it. I think that’s the only way to get a definitive answer. I’ll do that once have time for it and let you guys know.


The tns command line tool and NS Sidekick both require a .p12 certificate store. If you opt in to Google Play App Signing they manage the keystore in the cloud and only provide .der upload and app signing certs for you to download. These .der certs are incompatible with tns and Sidekick (to the best of my knowledge).

I believe NativeScript Android Production builds (which require a keystore, unlike Debug builds) and Google Play App Signing are incompatible. If anyone can correct me I’d be delighted.


“Is there anything else to it that I am missing?”

Yes, you do not “get back” a keystore from the Play Console - they manage it and only share .der certs that NativeScript can’t use.