Nested Routing in {N} + Angular app


by Nic Raboy


Is it possible to have child routes load into the page-router-outlet versus having them just appear in the existing page?


@nraboy have ideas on this?


From what I understand, all child routes have to pass through the router-outlet rather than the page-router-outlet. However, in either scenario, a child route is supposed to appear within a parent route (same page).

What are you after?


I’m thinking in terms of lazy loading modules, for instance a Client module would potentially contain a list page, detail page, edit/new page where the new/edit page wouldn’t feel out of place as a modal/child route. The list page and details page to me are both top level routes for that module and should act that way. At this point I’m guessing I’d have to use a modal to get anything remotely parent like in terms of transition behavior.


I’m not sure I would use child routes like that. All the routes you just mentioned seem to make more sense as parent routes. Child routes make more sense as say tabs to a tab view where you might not need a full page change.

Either that or I’m still not sure what you’re asking.



Any idea how one would add more than one top level route to a lazy loaded feature module?