Need to change label after getting the value from real time data base


i need to create a dynamic label in my page which changes its text according to the value passed from the DB. Now i can log the value in the console but i need to present it in my XML page ie,from javascript to XML(a variable label that changes its text according to the value passed from connected firebase DB)
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If you are using Vanilla NativeScript, utilize Data Binding with Repeater.


could you please give me an example for this
i need to pass the result.value from javascript to front end XML Label text.


Here you go


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but my program’s structure is entirely different, i need to get the value by this.get(“role”) from XML and push the new value to that role which is defined like this

Label text="{{role}}"

var role=this.get(“role”);
after getting the call back from firebase,i want to update the value returned in the JSON file to the front end XML file ie, to the Label text="{{role}}"
is there any other methods to do this,