Navigation order or cancel




I’m wondering if it is possible to perform navigation calls and force that they will be performed in order or canceling a navigation and force only one navigation at a time to be done?

For example, I’m facing a situation that when a push notification is opened and the app is killed state the app performs its normal navigation events (app start, app launch and navigate to home page).

However I want to navigate to another page (let’s say notification_detail) not the home page, because the user opened the notification.
What i see is that home navigation is perform but also at the same time (almost) the navigation to notification_detail. In this situation it is difficult to “alter” the natural order of navigation and some errors (related to binding views) appear. In some destination pages the navigation is perform but in others the navigation returns to home (because navigate to home was also called due to natural order of page loading).

I tried to store the push notification in appsettings when the “on opened notification” occurs and the in my home get that value and navigate to the destination page accordingly but it does not work in all scenarios -definitively not when the app is killed-).

Thank you in advance