Navigation button not showing up


The navigation button is not showing up in the Action bar. I tried all kinds of different layouts. So I created a very simple project in playground. Its actually a blank new project with NavigationButton abd it doesn’t work here either. Is my syntax wrong?


It will work only if you have a valid icon file named ic_menu.png. It’s not a system icon, ic_menu_back is an example for system icon.

Refer official android docs to know the available system icons.


Is it possible to use a custom image here from app/images/ folder, not res?


Yes, you can. You just need a valid image path, could be from resources / from file storage.


Well this didn’t work for me.

Can you share correct syntax?


Please refer the official docs and sample apps like Grocery one.


I’ve read every character of the docs (relevant pages) but couldn’t find any example of image being used as nav button. I’ve also checked many files from the grocery app but couldn’t find it there either. Can you be more specific as to what you are referring to?

<ActionBar title="Home" class="action-bar">
	<NavigationButton icon="res://menu"></NavigationButton>


Does that work for you?