NativeScript's Intellisense (Android) - is not showing some methods?


Using WebStorm, I have a Progress element :

<Progress  id="prgressid" ></Progress>

I want to increase its height. It can be done via scaleY=".." attribute or via native code :


I’ve decided to do it via code but the intellisene shows me :

enter image description here

Another try without .android.

It doesn’t have the setScaleY method.
(if I try to use setScale method - it fails at runtime - But if I try setScaleY - it does work.)


Why isn’t the method shown ? And what should I see in order to see all accessible methods ?

tns info :

enter image description here

Sdk manager


What does TypeScript have to say about the object type declared for the .android object? if it’s not something present in the android typings (assuming that you have those in your project), then you may just as well treat the .android object as if it was of type any, and call methods on the object, if you can find out the android type of the .android underlying object.

Text editors are not all magic - they can’t know what types exist in Android without a proper index of all types (a .d.ts file), as well as proper definitions (for example, the android property of a Progress class returns android.widget.ProgressBar instance) for return types of typescript objects and properties.


@Royi_Namir also make sure you cast the to the proper <android.widget.ProgressBar> instance, which will then, if you have the typings, propose all valid methods and properties.