Nativescript-vue side drawer over action bar


i’ve followed the RadSideDrawer instructions for nativescript-vue (using the vue-cli next template) and it works as the screenshots show, but i’m wondering if there is a way for the side drawer to be displayed OVER the action bar as possible in pure nativescript without vue. any help or example code of this functionality would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try setting the showOverNavigation property to true?


i did give that a go but no luck… i believe the showOverNavigation attribute is deprecated in nativescript 4.x.x. and i did try following the instructions on that page for showing the RadSideDrawer over the navigation bar, but it seems that implementing this with vue complicates the new method of attaching elements to the root of the application (since i am using the vue 2.0 style of single page components, wrapping all the necessary tags inside )


Yes, it’s deprecated as they introduced flexible root components but Vue doesn’t yet support that.


ah - was beginning to go mad, thanks for clarifying that it’s not supported yet.
is this the same feature you mentioned here?
if so, it seems like getRootView was added in 1.4.0, no?


Yes, it was added in alpha / beta releases but not with GA yet.