NativeScript-Vue Show modal problem



Hi I have a problem following this guide about using manual routing on NS-Vue:

I use a TabView system to navigate throught a food menu and then to a detail page. On the detail page there is an order button to show a modal with additional options like order quantity.

I can use this.$navigateTo(Modal) to show the modal at full screen like any other page. But I can’t use this.$showModal(Modal) to show it as a modal.

The console log doesn’t throw any errors and I can put a console.log before and after the show modal function and they print their messages without any problem.


Hi, I have a followup.

For testing purposes, I created an empty project using the official native-script-vue/vue-cli-template.

In this empty project, I added a TabView to use as a navigation menu.

Inside the first tab, I put a Master page with a “Show modal” button and a “Navigate to detail page” button.

If a press the “Show modal button”, the modal works.

But if a press the “Navigate to detail page” and inside this new page I put a “Show modal” button, the modal won’t work. Also, the TabView bar won’t show on this page.

My theory is that the modal is showing on the main page but the Detail page is on top, blocking the modal window.

So the correct question is, how I can make a TabView navigation with multiple pages that have the TabView always visible that have the ActionBar back button on iOS always active?