NativeScript Vue App for Personal Client


Just looking for some advice with regards to developing an iPad application where I intend to have my client be the only one using the app? The app is going to be for exclusively for his team.

  1. Is NativeScript Vue allowed to be built as an exclusive app to be distributed only for those clients?
  2. Would you rather enroll as an individual or as an organization? ( I am the only developer and building this as a personal favor. So I guess that I would better be in the Individual line.

I know I would have a lot more questions in the future (and likely post it on StackOverflow) but for now, I hope to get some insights to people who have done it before.


NativeScript / Vue has nothing to do here. It’s all about how Apple works. If you want to roll out your app only to specific people without any hassles, you must opt for a Enterprise account and release a in house build, then you can just host the final IPA somewhere with some little scripts (which you will get in internet) that will allow iPhone to install the IPA upon clicking a link.

If you opt for an individual or organization account, you must predefine the device ids in your dev portal and apps can be installed only on those devices and you can add only upto 100 devices in that account.


Thank you for the response.

I asked whether NativeScript (Vue) is allowed because I am unsure whether apps I build for personal consumption needs to adhere to using only xCode or other pre-approved software packages by Apple.

I believe the application I would be building would be limited to around 20-30 devices only, hence, going for a personal account with defined device ids should suffice.