NativeScript Video Recording for specific time issue


I have an issue in video recording using videorecorder.
But in videorecorder library EXTRA_DURATION_LIMIT is not working.
Please help me to resolve the issue for video recording for some specific time.


Hey @jyoti

it would help if you specified what plugin you are using, how you’ve used the plugin, what the expected behavior is, and what is actually happening.


hey @Pete.K i have used tns plugin add nativescript-videorecorder

var vr = require(“nativescript-videorecorder”);
var videorecorder = new vr.VideoRecorder();
var options = {
saveToGallery:true, //default false | optional
duration:30, //(seconds) default no limit | optional
size:10, //(MB) default none | optional #android
hd:true, //default false low res | optional
explanation:“Why do i need this permission” //optional on api 23 #android

It basically calls the android intent android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE to capture video but in its intent android.provider.MediaStore.EXTRA_DURATION_LIMIT is not working.
Please suggest if you have some other options as well for video recording for specific time.


@jyoti i will need some time to look into this


I was wondering if anyone has a sample of integrating it with angular.
I already requested @triniwiz, he may add a demo sometime later.