Nativescript-telerik-ui-pro is now FREE!


The awesome people at Progress have made their great UI tools all availabe for free now under the NPM package nativescript-pro-ui!

A big thank you to the Nativescript team!



I have installed the plugin under the NPM package, But still its showing 'NativeScript Pro (TRIAL version) '.


As well as i installed the plugin from nativescript marketplace, Its also showing the same.


I got confused with this, Please guide.

Thanks in advance.


This is great, thank you.


Just FYI

The version downloaded from npmjs comes with no support but is free for commercial use. If you need technical assistance from the same guys that built the product, you need to get a free Trial from This will allow you to post questions on your forums and open private support tickets with a 72h response time.


Hey @kumaran,

Thanks for pointing that out. Apparently we forgot to update a few strings when we pushed out the new version. It’s not a trial.

I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for letting us know!