NativeScript TabView Navigation



I am creating an app starting from the nativescript tabview template app, and I can’t figure out how to programmatically navigate to a page within a page-router-outlet from AppComponent. Example:

export class AppComponent{

constructor(private router: RouterExtensions, private currentRoute: ActivatedRoute) {
    // Use the component constructor to inject providers.

getIconSource(icon: string): string {
    const iconPrefix = isAndroid ? "res://" : "res://tabIcons/";
    return iconPrefix + icon;

navigateToPage(): void {
    this.router.navigate(['../page'], { relativeTo: this.currentRoute });


This works fine from within a page inside the page-router-outlet, but when I call it from AppComponent, I get a console error:

" Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘page’ "

My actual code is here:

My actual full error is here, from the debugging console:

Unhandled Promise rejection: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘novena-day/1’ ; Zone: ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘novena-day/1’ Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘novena-day/1’

My attempted navigation is inside of a LocalNotifications.addOnMessageReceivedCallback in OnInit in AppComponent.

This seems like it should be simple. I am a bit new at this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.