Nativescript tabview fragment "onload" not firing correctly



I am implementing Tabview in Nativescript Core App (Javascript). Each tab contain separate fragment and each fragment has separate “loaded” event. But all the events fired at the same time. I want to make it when the tabitem load. How to solve this???


Can you create a playground example to demonstrate the issue?


Yes, sure sir. This is the link.


Tabs are lazily loaded only when you set androidTabsPosition to bottom. Otherwise it loads everything at launch as user is allowed to swipe between tabs.


Please check the URL now

The project contain tabview with two tabs and each tab item has separate data models, viewModelOne and viewModelTwo. But When we set,
page.bindingContext = viewModelOne then Tab1 data will disappear.
Similarly when we set page.bindingContext = viewModelTwo then Tab2 data will disappear.
Both tab data not loaded at same time.